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Happy a brand New Year 2015

Hi Hello loyal readers ...ahakks... It's 2015. How was your new year so far? Mine? Well it didn't start well at the beginning. The day before new year, my husband and I have some issues or a bit misunderstanding on one really merepek issue that end up both of us didnt talk to each other. Hahaha. What a bad starting I guess. I was hoping new year eve tu we will have some reflection on what we have been through throughout the year of 2014 and what things that both of us can improve in the future. But somehow it didn't happened as what I wished for. Anyway, let leave things behind. As we back to our 2nd hometown in KL, we only have each .. my husband and our sons. I guess that normal for husband and wife. So we back to normal again before we going back to KL. :) Anyway, office is as usual. But as for this year...I have different perspective especially towards my career. Since I was promoted to higher post, i have this tendency to do much better and i alway…