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The beginning

so it's 2016.
hehehe. Lets start this new year chapter with a happy birthday post.

so yesterday 17.01.2016, our big boy Joshua is officially 4 years old.  It was just a small gathering with my family. My sister from kuantan had Dental Convention at PWTC and she insisted to buy a birthday cake for Joshua. So i let her win. hehehehe. anyway thank you odot,
This year, we as family started it very well. I mean, before the 2015 ended both of us took holiday leave and have a very meaningful holiday for the family. We then celebrate new year eve at church with our friends and praying together for a smooth  year ahead.
I have made some resolutions for myself and for the whole family. Some of it is in progress. And i am happy.
i hope for a better 2016
happy new year everyone...