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Sorry lama menyepi...bukan juga artis yang punya jadual padat (tetiba compare dgn artis pula kan...hiihi) saya agak busy dengan kerja dengan anak-anak...itu yang susah mau cari masa post sstu di sini..
anyway...just want to share..semalam merupakan terapi cara kerja Joshua yang kedua kali di HUKM after his 1st therapies on the 30 of July. So after 1 month saya akui saya tiada buat apa2 untuk perkembangan joshua..nak kata  mau bagi fully attention pun tidak dapat. Bila anak 3 ni semua pun masih kecil memang kelam kabut juga hidup saya..
tambah lagi mama saya yang jaga anak2 saya..saya terpaksa hantar dia p tempat adik saya di kuantan untuk pemeriksaan lanjut kesihatan dia. Saya akui kalau ada mama ada di rumah...saya tidak berapa risau dengan keadaan anak2 saya. Sebab saya nenek mereka pasti sayang cucu2 nya. Tambah lagi ada adik bongsu saya d rumah. boleh bantu2 mama saya. Bila ada mama saya...kerja2 laundry mama saya suda setelkan untuk saya. Walaupun saya tidak suruh. Jadi sy mmg be…
I always suck in writing the beginning for my blog.

I have to write and delete it again.
Write and delete it again.
So here is the thing that I want to say..
I am super happy because Jayden is back to me.  Yeay.
Yesterday was a very super tiring journey for me.
Took flight as early as 1030 am from KLIA2 to Tawau. Arrived at Tawau at 1.30pm. Then fly back to KLIA at 625pm. And arrived at KLIA at 910pm. Sampai rumah at 1030pm.
Throughout our journey together..i must say it is quite challenging to me. Since Jayden was crying almost the whole time on the flight. I did panicked because I have been separated with him quite long ago. And we are like strangers for a while. I was like how to soothe him. Pity my son. Since my confinemet it was his nenek that cared for jayden. Ok I blamed myself for that.
But after all, I thanked God 45 min before our arrival at KLIA, his emotion became stabil. Just imagined i have to walk him around the flight to keep him cool. sigh.
Anyway...our situation is j…

As I shared to you guys before this my son Joshua had just diagnosis by the doctor as an autistic boy. So i started googling up what therapies that can i follow and do at home..looking for support group at FB. Search at youtube for visual learning. Reading other mom blog about their experience having autism child.

And yes by just doing it...I just can't stop sighing.

Can I do it? I doubt myself.

All that I can think is how will i do that when i have another sons in the house that also need my fully attention. Especially my baby who is just turn 3 months old. Still fully breastfeeding and now he can already regonized my presence. And I will feel forever guilty to my 2nd son jayden. Our time bonding together really really short that I barely remember how was he look like when he still a baby. Jayden is now at my MIL house at Sabah. My parents already asking me take him back to kl. My siblings keep asking me when Im going to take Jayden. That just make me more sad. There i…