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i am back

Yes. I. Am. Back

hello everyone...

sorry for the missing in action mode 😅 this is due to short term memories lose that i can't recall my password when i log out last year. Hence why i seem to stop writing... but i am not!'s been few months from my last post. And yes i am doing well with my new life.

Full time student.

Hell is super great having  a 2 year break from work. no wonder most government servant looking for this opportunity. Why not right? Your salary is still there, but you not need to work up early, rushing to the traffic jammed or having early meeting or sometimes need to stay back till midnight at the office. not to mention, being scolded by your boss 😁

It is indeed an amazing feeling. Well of course it is, but let just say i am just being honest for what i felt being a student. However reality is that, being a sponsored student and a responsible government officer and being myself , i know i had a great responsibility towards government. T…