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lamanya saya tidak update blog ni...

dalam draft saya ada banyak unpublished entry. Kadang2 ada entry half way sy karang terpaksa ditunda sebab ada kerja lain yang perlu siapkan. Dari isu santai sampailah isu serius.

So November is coming the end very very soon.

And I am really excited this coming December! Couldnt wait for christmas celebration with my family this time. Yes,it's my turn this year... beginilah kalau sudah kawin, ada give and take...kawin pula dengan orang yang bermastautin d selatan sabah jadi oleh dasar jarak maka ada pembahagian giliran bercuti...

So this time around, we will be celebrating Christmas at my hometown. My siblings and I have already planned some activities during our holiday. Cuti yang singkat so perlu maksimum penggunaan nya. Janji enjoy dengan family.

So, looking back at the 11 months that passed.. I would say.. I am humbly proud of myself achievement.
Yes, I thanked God for many reasons.

Pertamanya, seawal bulan September saya dan suami se…

The day of my happiness and nightmares came true

There will always be a consequences of your decision. Whether u made it for a good reason or whatever reason u have.
I can't help myself by pouring my self here after a very long hiatus. Today is the day where i've been waiting for it to come. Yes my very precious son is finally with me again.
A week before today, i've been dreaming that my son came home and he run opening his arms towards me. I was so deeply missing him that i can't wait him back in my arms.
But what my nightmares was really became a reality.
When i first saw my son, i eagerly run to him wanting to hug him right at that moment. But to my surprise, he rejected me. That point of time, i really wanted to cry. My inlaws said when joshua met his daddy at the airport he recognized his dad. But not me.
My mother, my sister, my friend actually had warning me.. That this will happened. But not that i dont want to hear but deep down inside my heart i really put my faith that my son will not easily forget his mum.