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#longoverduehoneymoon trip _ Universal Studio Japan

Hi hello
Sorry terberhenti sekejap...bukan apa saya kena tapis dulu gambar apa yang sy mau upload. Kena resize gambar lepas tu ada kerja sekejap jadi terdelay lah penceritaan trip saya ini.
Apapun, lets continue...
So, what is so special about Universal Studio Japan, Osaka?
Ehm, I cannot give you the answer since i've never yet been to other universal studio...paling dekat di Spore pun belum sampai...tiba2 di Osaka suda jejak kaki..pelik kan. 
So, untuk ke USJ from our hotel, we took chuo line -- the green line-- that cost us 160 yen each. But we have to stop at Benchento to change to JR line (the government train). From Benchento to nishikujo have to change line to universal city. So sorry i couldnt remember the train fare... we didnt use our KTP (pls refer to my previous post) since we going to use it to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.
Pic: JR Line station at Nishikujo
pic: all JR line is in orange color. quite look old but still very clean

After some tersilap berhenti train, we finally …

#longoverduehoneymoon Trip to Japan - The Arrival

We reached at Kansai International Aiport (KIX) at 3.45pm (Japan time - 1 hour ahead from MY). About 6hrs journey. It was quite exhausting as we really don't have enough rest because of our miss flight story, you can read it here . Plus not so much activity to do on flight- you know lah AA everything must be paid like rental movie or rent power bank to charge your phone! So yeah, i'm quite restless and sakit leher.

By the way, we will be given 2 forms to be fill in and submit to the Japan Immigration. So keep the forms properly because they immigration officer will asked you that form. By the way, 2 white forms and 1 brown form. The brown form (sorry i forgot to take pics on this) is basically is for the husband to fill it as a 'ketua rumah tangga' so only 1 form for this for each family!

One more thing, while you waiting for your luggage don't be surprised if suddenly got dog come near you. This is how Japan police want to check foreigner if you try to seludup mas…

#longoverduehoneymoon Trip to Japan - The Miss Flight Story

I was so wanted to do a post regarding travelling..well u know to give you some tips here and there..unfortunately since the day 1 i started my blog i have never have the kind of 'travelling story' to share with basically my blog was all about my life story which if you can see that my blog becoming almost a dead blog! hahahaha

So I'm back again here... I was dying to write this on as I wanted to keep this as my sweetest memory plus I wanted to share with you our #longoverduehoneymoon trip to Japan.

Why with that hashtag? You see, since we got married, we never went to have our REAL Honeymoon like other couples. I got pregnant Joshua right after 2 months from our wedding day. Yeay so much fertility there...I know! (^_^)... since then, our life was quite busy...not only have to adapt to each other and but also adapting with the new title 'mommy and daddy to be'. So we got married on march 2011...and 2016...we finally have our honeymoon ..yeayyyy... Excited?…