#longoverduehoneymoon Trip to Japan - The Arrival

We reached at Kansai International Aiport (KIX) at 3.45pm (Japan time - 1 hour ahead from MY). About 6hrs journey. It was quite exhausting as we really don't have enough rest because of our miss flight story, you can read it here . Plus not so much activity to do on flight- you know lah AA everything must be paid like rental movie or rent power bank to charge your phone! So yeah, i'm quite restless and sakit leher.

By the way, we will be given 2 forms to be fill in and submit to the Japan Immigration. So keep the forms properly because they immigration officer will asked you that form. By the way, 2 white forms and 1 brown form. The brown form (sorry i forgot to take pics on this) is basically is for the husband to fill it as a 'ketua rumah tangga' so only 1 form for this for each family!

One more thing, while you waiting for your luggage don't be surprised if suddenly got dog come near you. This is how Japan police want to check foreigner if you try to seludup masuk any prohibited things like drug. To be honest, I was quite shock when suddenly got dog near me and try to 'bau' me. I don't really like dog actually because i am more to "cat person' that 'dog person'.

So after everything is clear, 1st thing 1st, you must go to Kansai Tourist Information Centre. Take many pamphlets (in english of course) as many as you can, that of course related to which place you want to go and it is highly recommended if you buy the Kansai Thru Pass (KTP) for 3 days. (there is 2 options one is for 2 days pass and the other one is 3 days. Depend to you how many days u want, but as for us, because we dont want to go thru so many hassles during our trip we choose 3 days!)

This KTP is about 5200 yen per person and it covers the whole trains, subways and buses in Kansai area that shown on the card EXCEPT for trains under Japan Rail Pass (JR pass). If you want to know about this pass, pls do some research about this. (^_^). So Since we have no guide, and travel as backpackers and being not very familiar with Japan Train System, i think this KTP really help us! You can buy this KTP at the Kansai Tourist Information Centre in the airport.

But bear in mind that, this KTP is only valid for 3 days! SO if u stay at Japan more than 3 days, you need to plan very well when you going to use this pass.

After you buy this ticket, of course the next move is go to your hotel lah kan..so we chose Sun White Hotel located at Tanimachi-Chuo Ku somewhere in Osaka. I will tell you more about this Hotel. By the way, any hotel  in Osaka, you have to use the Nankai Line (orange line). (as shown below)

For us, we didn't use our KTP instead we buy single way ticket. Because we plan to go to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe. So the last thing that we want to have in Japan is STRESS! why, the trains system in Japan is way too complicated and for the 1st timer like us, better use this pass for a longest trip that need to exchange many trains.

This is Kansai Region Map. Basically Osaka is in the heart of this region. So if you planning to go other province like Kyoto or Nara, it is easy if you chose Osaka to stay and make it as ur 'base camp'. 

 This map is included in your KTP. So as you can see (click to enlarge), there are so many trains and subways (by color codded)..so you really need to study this map. Some blogger suggest to install Japan Rail Map-Tokyo Osaka or Japan offline map, guide, weather, hotels (App Store), i didn't know that this app is exist before I went to Japan so yeah, if you planning to go there i think this app will help you.

So back to Nankai Line, because we still have no idea how to buy ticket, we just went straight to the Nankai Information Centre and buy ticket. Done! Price 920 Yen (RM35 ~ using at that time exchange currency that will be 100 yen = RM 3.78)

Those who can read kanji (chinese, Korean) will have some ideas on what have been written there, but for us buta kanji, we just understand the figures only! But basically it is tell us this ticket is from KIX to Tengachaya Station (K20) where we have to exchange train from Nankai line to our place that will be Tanimachi Line (purple Line).

So from Tengachaya station, actually we can go straight using Sakaisuji Line (brown Line) to Hommachi Station (C17/K15) and make another exchange train that is Tanimachi Line (purple Line) heading to Tanimachi 4-chome. That will cost 240 Yen. But, because we followed what we got from our research thru Mr.Google, he asked us to stop at Minami Morimachi Station (T21/K13) and then exchange to Tanimachi Line, so a little bit extra yen there and jarak bertambah! But it's ok, as long as we reach to our destination safely. But if you happened to stay at the same hotel, i advise u to stop from Tengachaya to Honmachi Station, then hop to tanimachi line. By the way, from Tengachaya you have to click on 240 Yen for Tanimachi 4-chome. upsss..so far boleh faham ka ni? ka still have no idea? It's ok. It is NORMAL! (But at least you have some ideas by giving you the name of station!)

Anyway, from KIX to Tengachaya is about 1 hr journey. I was like jakun because throughout the journey, I still couldn't believe i am at Japan already. And my 1st impression about Japan is that the city is very CLEAN! The people of Japan is very polite and helpful. And very discpline too. Compare to our countries, They will give way to passenger to exit 1st then only they enter the train. No adegan tolak menolak lah sini!

Then, from Tengachaya to Tanimachi 4-chome, it tooks another 15 min i think. And when you reached the station u still need to know which exit you have to take. But in my case, keluar saja dari train, we go to no 4 exit from the tanimachi 4-chome.

Nah ini lah maksud sy, setiap line ada colour dia sendiri. Tanimachi Line is purple colour ye!

So after all the penat mengharungi 6 hrs journey plus 1hr ++ trip on trains, we finally reached at our Hotel. The SunWhite Hotel. Very strategic hotel. Because it is near to the subways and many shops around this hotel. So very convenience, I tell you. (^_^)

As you can see, the building behind me is the hotel that we stayed for 6 days 5 nights. Thanks to my husband for very wise decision choosing this hotel! 

That's it guys! That was our story upon our arrival at Osaka. Like I said, we really enjoyed our trip.

Next story will be Trip to Universal Studio Japan.

See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading!


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