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Extend Grace

hello there..

hi february.. (^^)

Just let me share some story of mine that really changed the inner of me...

This story is about me and my little family. It is not to embarresed anyone that close to my heart but rather than ehm..lets just say i am grateful..and amazed for what the Lord Jesus Christ had done for the past whole week.

U see, being a parent is not that easy. in this stage where my sons were in their 'glorious'moment who like to do many adventurous things that sometime...we as their parents can lost our patience towards our kids.

Plus..we have a special kids like Joshua which can really draw us to the limit of our patience...(gila what kind of bahasa i used here...hahahaha..whateverlah kan).

On top of husband is a very garang person. He has a very very minimum patience...especially when it comes to discipline our sons. You know,,when a father start to yell..memang berterabur lah all my sons masing2 mencari saya.

And this is where i dont like my husband...b…