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Trip to Japan_NAMBA

Kalau post saya sebelumnya kami selesai di Universal Studio Japan..

Lebih kurang mau dekat jam 6 barang kali tu kami keluar...dan kami terus headed to Area Namba pula.

Dari USJ patah balik... kami naik Sennichimae Line (Pink Line) menuju ke  Namba...

ada sedikit lawak kami di situ. sb dari USJ kami guna JR Line. patah balik pg Bentencho menggunakan Chuo Line (green line). Tapi itulah silapnya kami ini, kami bayar tiket sampai azawa saja sb ingatkan nanti kena beli tiket baru ke Namba (azawa pertukaran line dari green ke pink line). Sampai di azawa kami tercari2 mana mau beli tiket sb TIDAK ADA. Unless kau keluar station.

ada lebih setengah jam juga di sana duk bincang2 dengan tu pakcik. sampai pakcik jepun tu pakai ipad dia cakap bahasa jepun suh tranlate p english. Husband saya pula cakap english to japanese. sampai satu tahap, saya belasah bahasa melayu. Pun tidak jalan.

Last2, x tau mcm mana pakcik tu mulai faham ka yg kami ni silap bayar sedangkan kami mau ke Namba. Terus dia caka…

Lesson Learnt

So the long holiday is finally over.

While most of malaysians 'pulang kampung' and celebrated the Raya Festive holiday... me was the other round!

Something happened at my home, that somehow make all of us didnt go anywhere.

So 5 days at home, and me being stay-at-home-mother really gives me a lot of headache.

The 5 days, i cooked almost every day...attended my children tantrum everyday...being their 'referee' every day...washing them cleaning them...

fuhhh... i really couldnt imagine hows is my life for the next 24 months being a fulltime student and also SAHM. Will i ever be able to write my thesis with all the chaos? huhuhu

But the good thing is that, i finally resolved this 2nd child syndrome by Jayden.

The 5 days, i tried my very best to understand his needs and be patience at all cost just to make sure every of them feel my loved to them.

Jayden is a good boy. He can really be a sweet son to me. Because he is the only child (at the moment) who can understand me an…

Sambung Belajar

You know ever since  I got the HLP result I really want to write it here as a part of my journey..but I need to wait until i really got the officially result..

fuhh..praise the Lord!

So my journey to further my studies, started last year. You see, I have this dream or vision that one day I will take master. But year by year, when I heard my friends got their HLP even some of them took their own initiatives pursuing their study without HLP, I do feel jealous sometimes. But at that time, I still blur because I don't know what field i want to take. I just don't have idea. I cannot take on engineering subject because i didn;t practise it anymore, so it will be totally bunuh diri if I try to continue is that subject.

Being a government servant, if you plan to continue ur study using HLP, at least you have to come up topic or research proposal that related to you job or at least, something to do with the government. So because of that, i have been delaying my dream...i even almost g…