Lesson Learnt

So the long holiday is finally over.

While most of malaysians 'pulang kampung' and celebrated the Raya Festive holiday... me was the other round!

Something happened at my home, that somehow make all of us didnt go anywhere.

So 5 days at home, and me being stay-at-home-mother really gives me a lot of headache.

The 5 days, i cooked almost every day...attended my children tantrum everyday...being their 'referee' every day...washing them cleaning them...

fuhhh... i really couldnt imagine hows is my life for the next 24 months being a fulltime student and also SAHM. Will i ever be able to write my thesis with all the chaos? huhuhu

But the good thing is that, i finally resolved this 2nd child syndrome by Jayden.

The 5 days, i tried my very best to understand his needs and be patience at all cost just to make sure every of them feel my loved to them.

Jayden is a good boy. He can really be a sweet son to me. Because he is the only child (at the moment) who can understand me and the one that i can ask for help.

The only thing is that, he wants my fully attention.

It is hard when the 3 of them really close to me and wants me all the time. But love them anyway...they are my sunshine!

On the other note, I learnt so many things...things that I took for granted. I couldn't really share what it is, because it was the most embarrassing moment for the whole time of my life.

But that was my biggest lesson learnt!

The 3rd one, I learn to not be selfish especially when someone ask me for help. Especially in term of money. Even though, i have my own kekurangan but i learnt that when someone ask for help, in u still have the capacity to help people, just do it. and never delay the help. Because u never know when u are in that position.

Yes, I learnt my lesson there.

Though it hard, but I believe God never leave me.

Thank you Lord.

Till my next post.

Thank you for reading!


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