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You know ever since  I got the HLP result I really want to write it here as a part of my journey..but I need to wait until i really got the officially result..

fuhh..praise the Lord!

So my journey to further my studies, started last year. You see, I have this dream or vision that one day I will take master. But year by year, when I heard my friends got their HLP even some of them took their own initiatives pursuing their study without HLP, I do feel jealous sometimes. But at that time, I still blur because I don't know what field i want to take. I just don't have idea. I cannot take on engineering subject because i didn;t practise it anymore, so it will be totally bunuh diri if I try to continue is that subject.

Being a government servant, if you plan to continue ur study using HLP, at least you have to come up topic or research proposal that related to you job or at least, something to do with the government. So because of that, i have been delaying my dream...i even almost gave up on it!

But that's not what God want me to do...give up! He already plan something BIGGER for my future. And that's what I think, being in this current department really change me especially in my way of thinking! My senior officers urged me to apply HLP and they even suggested me few topics. At the same time, my husband also insisted me to try apply HLP. And he knows that how blur I am, so he did gave me few tajuk.

But finally, God gave me inspiration using my own situations to came up with a topic. Never did I thought Joshua's condition will lead me to this topic.

Anyway to cut the story, I managed to get thru' the interviews. The panel seems very pleased with my presentation and they suggested to me IF i get thru this, the encouraged me to focus on kids with special needs.

So then the waiting challenge is begin...

And when the 1st official announcement, unfortunately I didn't success! Saying my marks was below the 550 slot (given for master applications). But they gave me second chance. At 1st, i hesitated to try knowing the consequences. But once again, I prayed to God, i said 'Father Lord, I dont know if i am qualified enough to pursue my master this time around. But I just want to try this. Pls help me. If You see i am not ready, pls disqualify my application. I promised I will do my very best the next applications, even though I am not really sure will be happen in the future"

So that's it. I tried for the 2nd time, I submit my 'rayuan'.

2 weeks after, the result is out. And this is what I want to say...and experienced what God had promised in Revelations 3:8

"I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name."

and yes, with God favour upon me, my rayuan is been approved and to add on that, I got HLP.

Praise the Lord.

so, thank You Jesus. Indeed, You open my door, with no one can shut it. And here I am, i want to thank for all Your goodness and favour to me. Now I got university offer letter and on top of that, I got supervisor! I will do my very best in my studies and I know I will not alone in this journey for you Lord Jesus will be with me all the way!

Thank you Jesus!

sharing with you my happiness.

Thank you for reading!


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